Windroc Advocacy

 Windroc Advocacy builds robust communities and coalitions to engage local, state and federal officials and organizations.  Currently, we are committed to help change the way parents, communities, and education institutions address dyslexia with  We oversee multiple platforms, social media and strategic partners.


Identifying Dyslexia


Strategic Partners


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Awareness Tool

Educators' Awareness Tool

If you associate these experiences of students and their parents with those in your class, you probably need to know about dyslexia.

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Parents' Awareness Tool

If you identify with two out of these six testimonies, or relate to the red flags, you owe it to yourself to consider dyslexia. If you identify with four or more, the chances are even higher you might be dealing with a dyslexic learner in your family.  

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Students' Awareness Tool

Are you among the 20% of the population with dyslexia or related processing issues? If you relate to two out of the six videos, you may be a dyslexic thinker. If you connect with four or more, you are probably not the only one in your family.

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