School Stories

School Stories is a multimedia  campaign spotlighting the repercussions and mismanagement of our  educational Institutions starting with dyslexia: avoided and ignored,  unidentified and misidentified. 

Providing content for various platforms, School Stories  gives voice to our most marginalized students the calls for  accountability for denying and mistreating up to 20% of all students.  Testimonies and personal accounts reveal how students and parents are  misinformed, mistreated, and marginalized. Dyslexia is outright banned  from discussion, even in cases where teachers and school psychologists  want to address it. Studied for over a century, there is consensus in  science and intervention but not in education and literacy instruction?  Why are students still suffering the consequences of global  disinformation and confusion? Why do 95% of adults dyslexics report  lasting psychological damage in school?

The campaign consists of a growing network of nonprofits and grass roots groups, and schools. Together with strategic partners, School Stories is  making strides not only in giving voice to our most vulnerable students  and their parents, but also in awakening widespread acceptance of  dyslexia, energizing what some professors are calling the “next civil  rights movement of our time.”

It’s time we join together and stand up with our voices and vote to  change the narrative before more children are negatively impacted.


School Stories is a campaign highlighting dyslexia in the educational system.